Combinatorial Optimization with Hybrid Quantum-Classical Algorithms (COHQCA)

COHQCA is a two-year long Business Finland funded project (Quantum Computing Campaign). The main goal is to study what kind of problems in communication networks can be effectively solved with Hybrid Quantum-Classical (HQC) algorithms. Our focus is especially in 6G related problems and in Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC).

Research topics include:

  • Lattice problems and their applications to PQC and wireless communication like MIMO multiantenna systems.
  • Various graph problems like Max-flow, multicommodity flow optimization, vertex and edge coloring, graph partitioning, and maximum clique problems that can be used to solve challenges like traffic engineering, network and routing optimization, scheduling, frequency and channel attachment, of which many are known to be NP-complete.
  • Design and testing of cryptographic Boolean functions with quantum computing. Testing vulnerability of block ciphers to quantum attacks.

We will design a demo, in which connect Helmi (5 qubit), Leena (20 qubit) or the near-future 54 qubit IQM-VTT quantum computer and our 5/6G RAN testbed to evaluate some of the algorithms that will be developed in the project.

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